Story/Understand+ Recast =Flow

SURF  side steps the ego through playful movement, music and self  examination in order to gain understanding of the authentic SELF

As a performer, I have devoted myself to years of intensive training that taught me how to embody any type of character I wanted to portray. The training was based around the technique of recall, which involves tapping into personal life experiences and then repurposing them for affective authenticity.



This class helped me shape not only my acting abilities, but my personal life. Being able to express yourself in an emotionally supportive environment is something that people like me need.


This style of training is successful, yet I also find it capable of causing psychological concussions – concussions caused by stitching your own personal experiences into the material of a character so seamlessly that you struggle to remember where you end, and your character begins.

“Learning and understanding the innovative concept of SURF  helped me to open up a number facets of my being: love, relaxation, reconciliation and forgiveness. Learning to forgive my parents for their past mistakes only came when I was able to learn how to forgive myself for my mistakes. This ultimately brought my relationship with my mom and dad a peace of mind”  Joq

In my intensive training I was never taught how to tear apart the seams, to separate, to get out of the character and back into myself. These physiological concussions can have toxic repercussions for performers as well as the culture that they help mold. The ability to travel deftly through alternative belief systems and physical worlds is powerful and playful, but it can also be dangerous.

 “A lot of things can be said without really saying anything at all. It healed that distance that made us strangers for the longest time. My mom and I couldn’t be closer now and I’m so thankful that we were able to experience this class. It can really make a difference.” Rashel

When a performer channels their personal pain into a character, they are often triggering internalized trauma that they will be forced to contend with long after the show is over.. This technique aims to keep performance at the forefront of character development by allowing actors to diffuse – rather than perpetuate – their traumas in order to drive the performances forward with free emotional rein.

“Your class allowed me to communicate my former brokenness, present trust and hope. This relationship started with recognition and acknowledgement of our spiritual sides and our relationships with God.”  


These concerns motivated me to promote wellbeing in performance art by creating my own concept of training called S.U.R.F – Story, Understanding, Recasting, Flow, which I have been teaching since 2014 through my organization The Creative Shelter. 

My 12 year old son ...even he admitted that there was a lot of cool things in it! I absolutely loved it!  Working on your emotions and relationships through reflection, visualizations, yoga moves, music and interpretive dance is amazing! A very powerful and moving experience! Dr. Lynn Carey

Susie's Class helped me with every aspect of my life, especially with my mom who I use to fight with about ever little detail of my life but since this class, we have been able to connect and appreciate each other more and be ok with the decisions that one or the other takes that might not make the other that happy...the SURF method helped me connect to my true self and realize I don't have to fight every battle or be likable to everyone the fact that I love myself is enough and the good people in my life will start showing up.


SURF  side steps the ego through playful movement, music and self  examination in order to gain understanding of the authentic SELF


Click this  IMAGE if you want to use my playlist for your warm up. It is on Spotify and works well with the described exercises and affirmations of SURF

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