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                    HOW TO: GET OUT OF CHARACTER 



“Learning and understanding the innovative concept of SURF  helped me to open up a number facets of my being: love, relaxation, reconciliation and forgiveness. Learning to forgive my parents for their past mistakes only came when I was able to learn how to forgive myself for my mistakes. This ultimately brought my relationship with my mom and dad a peace of mind”  

 “A lot of things can be said without really saying anything at all. It healed that distance that made us strangers for the longest time. My mom and I couldn’t be closer now and I’m so thankful that we were able to experience this class. It can really make a difference.” Rashel

“Your class allowed me to communicate my former brokenness, present trust and hope. This relationship started with recognition and acknowledgement of our spiritual sides and our relationships with God.”  Toni

Susie's Class helped me with every aspect of my life, especially with my mom who I use to fight with about ever little detail of my life but since this class, we have been able to connect and appreciate each other more and be ok with the decisions that one or the other takes that might not make the other that happy...the SURF method helped me connect to my true self and realize I don't have to fight every battle or be likable to everyone the fact that I love myself is enough and the good people in my life will start showing up.